Mona Das for 

Commissioner of Public lands

I’m Mona Das.  

I’m running to be your next Commissioner of Public Lands. Let me tell you why…here in Washington state we have over 5 million acres of public lands, and the Department of Natural Resources is the office that oversees the future of that land. As the head of this office, I will ensure we are using our state lands to fight climate change, protect Washington’s natural heritage for future generations, and to modernize state lands to ensure working forests provide a viable economy now and into the future.

Our next Commissioner of Public Lands must recognize the challenges so many Washingtonians face, and lead an agency prepared to fight hard for the next generation. Climate change is the most pressing issue of our time and we need a bold leader in this office. From firefighters to forest industry leaders, protected lands to recreational services, our state needs a proven coalition builder and change-maker.


Mona Das is a powerful force for environmental justice, racial equity, housing affordability, and economic fairness in Washington. Das’ family came to the U.S. when she was eight months old with only six dollars in their pockets, and her lived experience has driven her commitment to dismantling barriers for marginalized people in every aspect of her work and life.

In 2018, Mona was elected State Senator for the 47th district and served until 2023. She achieved many successes during her term,  including championing and passing senate bills which banned the manufacture, sale, and distribution of certain single-use plastics, created a working group on natural disaster mitigation and resilience, and championed millions of dollars in climate resilience projects like the Soos Creek Hatchery in Auburn.

A proprietor of a small business, Mona holds a bachelor's degree in psychology and an MBA in sustainable business from Pinchot University in Washington. Currently, she holds positions on the faculty at Bard College and the Campaign School at Yale. Unsurprisingly, Mona is fond of outdoor activities, travel, and quality time with her family, which includes her two charming nephews. 

Claudia Kauffman,  State Senator 

“Senator Das cares deeply for our environment and for our Mother Earth. It is through her commitment to our humanity, our shared values, and our strongest alliance that I fully endorse her for Commissioner of Public Lands. She is a woman who has gained the respect of her peers and our community and deserves our support.”

Tina Podlodowski, Former chair of the WA state Democrats 

"Senator Das has the heart of an environmentalist, the experience of a successful businesswoman, and the skills needed to bring together all Washingtonians to understand, cultivate, and nurture our public lands. As our next Commissioner of Public Lands, she'll do this for our people now, and for generations to come.” 

Patty Kuderer, State Senator

“Serving with Mona Das in the State Senate, I was able to see the energy she brings to get things done for Washingtonians first hand. Together we helped pass some of the most environmentally conscious legislation in the nation, and I know her service will be a benefit to our state as Public Lands Commissioner.” 


State Senators

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Manka Dhingra - State Senator, 45th district 

Claudia Kauffman - State Senator, 47th district 

Patty Kuderer - State Senator, 48th district 

Janeen Sollman - OR State Senator, 15th district

Jeannie Darneille- State Senator, 27th district (Retired) 

State Representatives

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Annessa Hartman, OR State Representative, 40th district 

My-Linh Thai - State Representative, 41st district

Brandy Donaghy - State Representative, 44th district

Local Leaders

Sean Smith, Covington City Council, mayor pro tem

Deborah Kilgore - Edmonds school board, Vice President

Awale Farah, Kent School Board, district 4

Josh Binda, Lynnwood City Council, Position 3

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Kiara Daniels- Tacoma City Council, Position 6

Mary Hall- Thurston County Auditor

Satpal Singh Sidhu - Whatcom County Executive 

Naghmana Ahmed-Sherazi - Lands Council

Party Leaders

Tina Podlodowski - Former Chair of the WA State Democrats 

Community Leaders

Cliff Cawthon

Debadutta Dash

Leslie Decker

Riley Dolan

Amanda DuBois

Pam Eakes

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Natasha Hill

Rituja Indapure, Chair of Washington State Women’s Commission

Tom Jones

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Logan Niles

Vic Opperman

Deep Paknikar

Gifford & Libba Pinchot

Michelle Quackenbush

Jeffrey Aaron Robinson

Nancy Ritzenthaler

Ethan & Sarita Schaffer

Ekta Saini

Kady Titus

Melinda Mindy Woods

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